"confluentes, the student consultancy at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, provides services from all areas of the value chain to companies of any size. Founded by students in 1994, a 1000-strong pool of consultants now enables us to implement over 130 projects a year. We are looking forward to working with you!"
  • Qualifications

    Qualifications of the consultants
    • WHU students are among the best in their field
    • Technically comprehensive training
    • Experience in leading companies
  • Flexibility

    • Over 1000 confluentes consultants are fast and flexible deployable
    • Usually project starts within a few days
  • Internationality

    • Extensive international experience and extensive language skills
    • All European languages, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and more
  • Value

    • Professional results in over 130 consulting projects per year
    • Fees are lower than from fully professional advisory firms
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  • Corus
  • Lufthansa
  • E/D/E
  • QVC
  • Simfy
  • Treubau Gruppe
  • Bain & Company
  • Amazon
  • AtKearny

confluentes has given us valuable assistance in creating a market study on "Market Entry to North America". The team was extremely committed at all times and provided us with meaningful information about the target market. Building on the positive indicators we will step "across the pond" next year. We will certainly work together again with confluentes in our future expansion plans.

Dr. Henning Hirsch (Marketing Manager)

We were impressed how thorough and professional the young consultants from confluentes proceeeded. With dedication and creativity they have achieved astonishing results and created significant value for our company.

A Leading Manager

The project to evaluate alternative sites in other European countries conducted by confluentes enabled us to put us in the position where we could make decisions based on the choice of a selection of (macro) economic indicators. Despite the time pressure confluentes exceeded our expectations and completed the project to our highest satisfaction.

Dr. Andreas Trautwein (CFO)

The work of confluentes in as part of a strategy project significantly helped us to make an informed decision. With its precise and professional approach the project team presented very substantive results in a timely manner. The quality of the analysis and the willingness to think beyond the actual task has impressed us very much. confluentes gained our confidence and we can imagine further cooperation in the future.

A Leading Manager

confluentes supported us in preparing market analyses for different country markets. Despite the enormous time pressure during the whole cooperation the confluentes consultant team always convinced by a structured approach and an extremely professional way of working. We were very satisfied with results of the market analysis.

Steffen Wicker (Founder and CEO)

confluentes helped us a lot with the preparation of a business plan. The competent consulting service of the team brought our company new ideas and made the project a total success. We particularly appreciated the high flexibility of the project team. We will gladly approach confluentes again for further projects.

Martin von Hauff (CEO)