How we engage in our community.


  • Chairholder of the Institute for Family Business at WHU since 2015
  • Assistant Professor at the University of St. Gallen
  • Ph.D. at Otto-Friedrich Universiy Bamberg

Practical Experience:

  • Consultant at McKinsey & Company
  • Member of the Board at Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e. V. (VARD)

Research Area:

  • Family Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • Co-publisher of the journal „Family Business Review“
  • Reviewer of the journal „Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice“

For me, confluentes stands out from other student management consultancies with its social commitment. Due to the nature of an association, confluentes donates the surplus to the WHU environment and contributes to an essential part of the further development of the students and the campus. I like this unique component very much and can unconditionally recommend a cooperation with confluentes.

Prof. Dr. Nadine Kammerlander

Academic Patroness

Supported Projects

confluentes e. V. is a management consultancy run solely by WHU students. It does not work in a profit-oriented manner, but pursues the non-profit purpose of offering students practical development opportunities. Roughly 75% of the project fees are paid directly to the student consultants, while the remaining surplus goes to the WHU environment, and exclusively to this environment. These include furnishings in the WHU building, student initiatives, and charitable causes in the immediate vicinity of WHU, such as the financing of public park benches on the Burgplatz.

Excerpt from past donations

In the past, we have contributed to the cost of equipment, such as the study rooms, library and cafeteria, and the installation of a wheelchair for the disabled.

We assume the participation of the private sponsor of the scholarships for committed and talented students awarded by the initiative of the federal government.

We support the student aid organization in its aid projects and partnerships all over the world.

We paid a substantial portion of the costs for the renovation of the sports studio, which is operated by the WHU University Sports Club (HSSV).

Every semester the Student Stage organizes a new play for fellow students and the people of Vallendar, which we support financially.

The WHU GenerationsCup organizes the participation in the annual Frankfurt Marathon for all interested students and employees of WHU, where we sponsored the jerseys.

As paramedics, WHU First Responders provide qualified first aid in emergencies and are dependent on donations, for example for the emergency vehicle.

We had the opportunity to support the Tafel (food bank) Vallendar with their Christmas initiative for children in need with some chocolate Santa clauses and food cans.